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Warm Up before Riding: Why and Ways to Do It?

We have been advised to do warm up before exercise, no matter what exercise it is such as jogging, swimming, cycling or even yoga. I know how exciting you are to get on the bike, but please bear in mind that a warm up comes with several benefits listed below:

a.) to stretch the muscles to prevent the risk for potential muscle injury.

b.) raises the body temperature gradually to be ready for the physical stress.

c.) this will likely improve your performance as well with the length and intensity of warm up effect.


Step 1:

Always make it a best practice to spare 15-20 minutes for warm up before riding. If you are going to meet up with friends before that, arrive destination early enough so you will have adequate time to warm up.


Step 2:

This step will help to stretch the arms, shoulders and back. You may utilize your bike as support and both hands hold onto it, one hand on handlebar and another one on saddle. Make sure your arms are straight and chest is moving downward. Keep your knees straight as well or otherwise the result is not that productive and holds this stretch for 30 seconds to 1 minute.



Step 3:

I have to agree that squat down does not seem like stretching but the effect is really good as it will stretch the muscle of calf, back and gluteal. Please note that do not bend your head down or else the result are not significant.



Step 4:

In order to stretch your calf, stand a bit ways from your bike. Bend one leg and place your foot on the ground in front of you and leave the other leg straight behind you, both legs’ distance is about 1 meter and make sure your knees are stay on the same level. Stretch it for 30 seconds and then switch to another side of leg.

Friendly reminder, watch out the slippery floor if you are wearing cycling shoes to do the stretching.



Step 5:

To straighten the biceps femoris (back part of your legs), put one of your legs onto the bike and stretching it for 30 seconds and both legs take turn. Slowly move your bicep downward until you feel a stretch, do not overstretch.



Step 6:

Let’s go out for a sprint and begin pedaling with slow pace and small gears for 10-15 minutes, then build up the intensity and heart rate slowly over next several minutes.

Gentle Reminder:

1.) Never bounce your stretches.

2.) Do not overstretch; make it within your abilities as stretches should not hurt.