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Top 5 Clincher Tyres for Road Bike (Most Popular/Most Reviews/Bestselling)

So you looking to upgrade or replace your road bike tires but wondering which brand, which tires can last longer and perform well in cycling event, here is the list of most popular/most reviews/bestselling tires we got from a few cycling retailers:

Bicycle Warehouse (US)
1. Continental GatorSkin (27-inch & 700c)
2. Continental Touring Plus Tires (700c)
3. Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX
4. Michelin Pro3 Race
5. Continental Gator Hardshell (Folding)

Chain Reaction Cycles (Ireland, UK)
1. Continental GP4000 S Tyre
2. Continental Gator Skin Wire Tyre
3. Michelin Pro 3 Race Tyre
4. Vittoria Zaffiro Tyre
5. Continental Gator Skin Folding Tyre

TOGA Bike Shop (US New York)
1. Continental GatorSkin (27-inch & 700c)
2. Vittoria Zaffiro Pro
3. Continental Ultra Sport Hometrainer
4. Specialized Roubaix Armadillo Elite Tire
5. Roubaix Armadillo Elite Tire

Amazon US
1. Continental Gatorskin Wire Bead Road Bike Tire
2. Continental Grand Prix 4000 S Tire
3. Continental Gatorskin Folding Bicycle Tire
4. Michelin Pro4 Service Course Tires
5. Michelin Lithion 2 Road Tire

1. Continental Gatorskin (700c)
2. Continental Grand Prix 4-Season with Vectran
3. Vittoria Rubino Pro III Road Tire
4. Continental Gator Hardshell – 700c
5. Michelin Lithion 2 Tire

In this list, Continental Gatorskin shows up 9 times out of possible 20 with a very acceptable pricing of £22.42 (around $33. Regardless hardshell or not, wire bead or folding).
Michelin Lithion 2 shows up twice.
Michelin Pro3 Race shows up twice.
Continental GP4000 S shows up twice – Available with online special price £26.24 (around $39)