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Science behind Bikes

Today we have 4 videos to share.
These videos explain some basic information about cycling fitness in term of technology and how your structure affect the cycling.

The 1st video is an interview with the once hour record holder Eddy Merckx. Eddy Merckx, is a former Belgian professional road bicycle racer considered to be the greatest pro-cyclist ever. He won 19 Classics victories in all and during the hour record challenge he covered 49.431 km at high altitude in Mexico City.

2nd video discuss about the perfect design aerodynamic bike that produce world fastest cycling speed and the technology, material used to build the bike. This video also talks about bike designer’s view for designing a bike.

3rd video is about Physiology. Physi is what you look like (for eg your body size) and how it impact you; While physiology is whats’ inside you that affect your performance such as heart rate.

The last video is about forces that you encounter when you cycling. Typically they are: Aerodynamic Drag, Gravitational Force and Frictional Force. This video is particularly useful for those who interested to know what slow you down and how you improve your speed.

The History of the Hour Record – The Science Behind the Bike (1/4)

Technology – The Science Behind the Bike (2/4)

Physiology – The Science Behind the Bike (3/4)

Forces – The Science Behind the Bike (4/4)