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Frame or Wheels?

1 of the most asked and debate question when cyclist looking for an upgrade, frame or wheels is more important? (or “motor”?)

If you have a frame that is poor quality (i.e. flexy, weird geometry), or it doesnt fit you well, then you will suffer ill consequences no matter what kinda wheels you are riding. However, if the frame is decent and fits reasonably well, then wheel will definitely have a bigger impact.

A good wheelset will significantly alter the feel of the bike and make riding much more enjoyable and efficient. Acceleration will be faster, and the coasting will be better.

So if you already have a frame that fit you nicely and your are wondering between super high end frame and super high end wheels, wheels is the answer.

Weight is important but 100g, 200g is not going to impact a lot of your performance unless you are in a race.

For the wheel, you should consider in terms of light weight vs. durability. Buying a $2000 wheelset to drop 200 grams doesn’t make sense when you carry a 135 gram iPhone and/or more than a couple extra pounds in your pouch.

Climbing wheels are only useful in racing. I race with 1250g aero wheels that retail for far more than I would ever want to admit to. I train on a wheelset that weighs over 2000g.

Riding recreationally, just get some moderately light wheels – something between 1500 and 1800g. It’ll cost you under $700 for a wheelset, and they’ll serve you wonderfully.

The difference between my 1250g special wheels and my 2000g wheelset is truly minimal – think of it this way:
Weight = Weight of You + Weight of bike. 175lb + 16lb = 191lb. Is saving 200g really that important?

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