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Continental Gatorskin Tires for Longer Lasting, Best Flat Protection


With a total of 180 tpi from 3 plies, PolyX Breaker and DuraSkin technology make Continental Gatorskin tires our long distance winner which handmade in Germany. Bead-to-bead layer of DuraSkin woven fibers helps prevent cuts especially in the vulnerable sidewall. SafetySystem breaker directly under the tread adds puncture protection where most flats occur. Special high carbon compound offers a long tread life. Black tread with black/brown DuraSkin side wall. Available in wire bead or Folding.

Some key features:

– Continental Gatorskin tire is the top selling tires for many tires shop.
– Get the folding version instead of wire bead because folding Gatorskin is 50g lighter. (Folding type usually a few dollar more expensive than wire bead)
– Continental Gatorskin is the replacement for Ultra Gatorskins.

Compare with GP4000S:
– GP4000S has less rolling resistance, more grip but wear out sooner.

Compare with Gatorskin Hardshell:
– Gatorskin Hardshell is even tougher than Gatorskin but also 30g heavier.

Where to get Continental Gatorskin?
You can get Gatorskin wire bead type for £19.16 (around $29) or a more popular Gatorskin folding type for just £22.42 (around $33), both comes with international free shipping.