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All Round Continental Grand Prix 4000 S (GP4000S)

“This is not only the best Conti ever but, all things considered, one of the best tires ever made.”

The Continental GP4000S boasts global appeal as the best all round race bike tyre on the market. Not only is it fast and super grippy, thanks to its state of the art Black Chili rubber compound, but it is also tough with a healthy tread layer and of course with Vectran™ anti puncture breaker layer underneath. So for reliability, longevity and all out performance for your race machine, the GP 4000S is the only choice.

A tires are built up based on 3 elements:
– would it improve your speed?
– would it enhance the gripping?
– puncture resistant.

Usually if you want to focus in 1, you might need to sacrifice the other 2. However, GP4000S was designed in a way that able to improved all these 3 elements together in 1 time.

Black Chili Compound
Black Chili Compound comes from the idea of Moto GP racing high end technology. The blend of natural and synthetic rubbers become a mixed ‘nano’ sized soot particles which Continental research shows that it reduces rolling resistance by 26%, grip is increased by 30% and mileage is increased by 5%.

Vectran offers more resistance to cuts than Aramid, is five times as strong as steel and features less weight than a nylon double breaker. It also maintains strength in the wet.

The 3 plys casing offers a total of 330tpi material which is flexible enough to give compliant road feel, but stiff enough so it will not flex in corners or under load. This also reduces the chance of pinch flats when run at proper tire pressure.

A quick chat in Facebook shows us GP4000S is actually a very popular selection by cyclists.


There are a few models for Continental Grand Prix series:
1. GP4000SOnline special price at £26.24 (around $39), international free shipping (only in black with Black Chili compound)
2. GP4000Online special price at £26.91 (around $40), international free shipping (comes in multiple color but without Black Chili compound)
3. GP 4 SeasonOnline special price at £28.33 (around $42), international free shipping. (for cyclists who doesn’t change tires during season change)