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Advantages of Getting a Folding Bike and How To Choose One

Cycling has been getting popular and always good to see this great sport hobby is spreading across different levels of society to promote better and healthier lifestyle. I have received several inquiries from readers about what to recommend if they would like to opt for compact bikes that facilitating transport and storage.

I would strongly suggest folding bike. Yes, you heard me! Folding bike is not something new, indeed the 1st folding bike was developed in year 1900. The initial purpose of this fantastic invention was for military purpose and it was widely utilized during World War I.

Thanks to the development in technology, folding bike in bulky size in those old days have been transforming into super-compact with light weight while sustaining the ride quality and performance.

Before we move to the topic what to consider of getting a folding bike, let’s understand the benefits and advantages over conventional bicycle.

Compact Size and Space Saving Folding Bike

Compact Size and Space Saving
Folding bike only requires 30-60 percent of the storage space of normal conventional full sized bicycles. This eventually makes the storage at home and the office easier especially for those stays in small apartment. On top of that, that is possible to load few folding bikes into the trunk of car that convenient to those families who would like to travel to outskirt for cycling. Besides, I have been seeing those white-collars take the train with bike folded and then ride it to office that somewhere near to the train station.

Various Options of Shapes and Sizes Folding Bike

Various Options of Shapes and Sizes
Folding bike comes with different size for your consideration, for example the bicycle frame size and also wheel diameter with 14-16-18-20-26 inches. Plenty of options to choose from to fit your needs, other than the size please note that “fold-abilities” is one of the important criteria to consider.

Convenient Usage Folding Bike

Convenient Usage
I’ve been riding my folding bike more frequent than mountain bike, it is way too easy as I can freely ride it to grocery, do some casual ridings, catch up with friends at some cafes…good way to release pressure  Another thing is I always feel that folding bike is easier to handle than my mountain bikes, probably because of I can hop on it with any shoes I wear, without the necessity to wear clipless shoes like what I do in order to ride mountain bike 

Free and Easy to Carry Folding Bike

Free and Easy to Carry
Folding bike is generally travel free as it allows you to carry it anywhere (bus, train, ferry and etc) without further restriction. However, as a civilized user please makes sure you fold up the bike and put it into a designated bag to keep the place clean.

Safe Proof from Thieves Folding Bike

Safe Proof from Thieves
The features of easy to fold and carry enable you to “reduce” the bicycle to almost 1/3 of its size in very short while; you have better ability to keep the folding bike indoor and easily protected.

After reading this, what you need to do now is heading to the bicycle shop that nearest to your house to check it out! But before that, make sure you browse through below best value folding bike we recommend for you. Have fun!

1. Montague Navigator 2012 Folding Bike
Price: £666.66 after limited time discount


Montague Navigator is a Folding Bike with commuter in mind, it’s like a road bike or hybrid, and it’s foldable. Come with 9-Speed Shimano Sora means you have 27 gears to handle flat road and hills. Wheel size is 700c which is similar to road bike and weight around 27lbs (12kg). The frame built with 7005 Series Aluminium with FIT System, power angle geometry and vibration reduction curve. Montague Navigator Folding Bike comes with a rack, to keep the load off your back, and fenders, to keep you warm and dry. Buy this bike if you like to have a road bike with folding ability. Read more…

2. Montague Paratrooper 2012 Folding Bike
Price: £666.66 online price


This classic Montague Paratrooper 2012 Folding Bike is tough, rugged, and ready for any terrain. Equip with Shimano Rapidfire Plus Trigger Shifter, Montague allow you to play with it’s 24 gears. The wheel size is 26 x 1.95″ and this folding bike weight 13kg (29lbs). Montague Paratrooper also comes with fork with Suspension XCT V4 and disc brake. Buy this if you are taking folding bike with your friends for mountain biking. Read more…

3. Dahon Jifo 16 Inch 2013 Folding Bike
Price: £427.29 after limited time discount


The Jifo 16 is a compact size fast assembly folding bike. Folding in just seven seconds, this ultra-compact bike is the perfect compliment for your daily commute by bus, train or tube. The weight is only 9.2kg (20lbs) with 16″ wheel. One must take note this is a Single Speed folding bike but you can ride it really fast because it’s really light. Buy this if you have kids at home, they will love it. Read more…