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About Bike Wheels

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. How to clean salt infested spokes after the winter?
  3. Difference between Campag Kamsins and Fulcrum Racing 5 wheelset other than price?
  4. Anodised spokes and colored spokes.
  5. Looking for advice on upgrading the wheels on my 2012 Iroko 2.
  6. Carbon wheels... They look good but do I really need to upgrade my wheel?

Q. I have Mavic wheels with blade spokes. The spokes have become very salt infested over the winter months. Any recommendation for what I can clean them with?
A. Sounds though you may need to have your wheel rebuilt if your spokes wont loosen too. I would stick to a strong detergent as you will only inflict more cosmetic damage to the wheels if you use anything stonger.

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