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9 Easy Ways to Prevent Yourself from Skipping a Workout

All of us are pretty good in coming up excuse to not workout (including myself).
“I’m tired”, “I’m in a bad mood”, “I need to sleep another 5 minutes”, “My workout is boring”, etc.

However, sticking to a regular workout not only helps us to maintain our body in good shape, being healthy and helps to lose weight. Harvard Alumni Health study found that subjects who started and kept up a workout program had a 23% lower risk of death than sedentary subjects in the study.

The right motivation is the key to keep yourself moving and stick to the plan:

1. Set a fitness goal and write it down.
2. Plan out your workout routine each week and be very specific about what and when you are doing.
3. Adjust your schedule any way you have to. You might need to go to bed earlier to make a morning routine stick.
4. Know yourself and your strengths. If you are not a morning person, don’t plan to exercise every day at 5am. We both know it’s not going to happen.
5. Schedule your workouts in your work calender, email calender, phone and where your family can see them so they don’t plan activities over that period.
6. Make a standing plans with a friend to meet you somewhere or perform the workout together.
7. Introduce yourself to someone in your fitness class and tell them, “See you next week”. You’ll feel more obligated to go and fulfill your appointment.
8. Leave your workout gears in the car, work place or front door when you get home. Being prepared is half the battle.
9. Write down weekly reward if you stick yourself to your workout goal for the entire week such as a gift or a massage from your partner.

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