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3 Popular and Free iPhone/Android Phone Workout Tracker Apps

Our intention to write this post is to share with the riders the phone applications that can be utilized to track the workouts which would help us to understand how well we perform. However, we realized the same that there are tons of applications out there in the app store. Thus, we have to narrow down the scope and below are the 5 great apps that we have been using as workout companion and found they are so great to recommend to others.

1. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Other than just a workout tracker, Endomondo is acting as social fitness partner as well. It can be used to track the workout duration, distance, maximum speed, average speed, hydration, calories, minimum and maximum altitude. It allows you to read your performance that tracked by every single mile or kilometer of exercise so you have better idea how you did for the entire workout.

All the data will be automatically uploaded to your profile at and it gives you better performance analysis chart as well as check out the workouts done by your friends in your social group.


2. Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker is an award-winning application and it is ranked Top 5 Health and Fitness application in 25 countries. It comes with powerful and handy features that enable you to track and analyze your workouts which basically cover everything including duration, distance, average pace, average and maximum speed. It stores your workout data online as well at

Sports Tracker does offer Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) at affordable price as well. HRM is kind of device that able to track your heart rate along the exercise which would help you to train more efficiently while monitoring the heart rate consistently. More information is available at


3. Strava Cycling

Strava Cycling comes with the features more or less the same with Endomondo and Sports Tracker, however there are several added features that worth to mention here. It accumulates the stats of each exercise and allows you to have a quick understanding on the comparison against each workout. It helps you to realize if you are improving from previous exercise or they are more things to work on for better result. It sets your personal records for reference and earn the achievement for outstanding performance.

An interesting feature we learned that it would identify the best performer on specific trail among those that you probably do not familiar with but have been exercise at the same area.

You may also upload your workout data to for analysis.